Vladka Burger

My name is Vladka, I have been riding in Europe since i was young, when we moved to India Haryana I was looking for a professional horse riding club where you can get proper riding lessons and interact with the horses as well.

When I found out about Adagio I was very excited. When I came to the club for the first time I instantly knew this is the right place for me and for my 5 year old daughter. Adagio club has ponies and horses.

Both instructors Rudrika and Caroline are amazing horse riders and really friendly people. Both very professional who understand horses. I used to take lessons with both ladies, they are strict and will teach you the proper way of riding as well as taking care of the horses. I love riding and spending time at the club.

My daughter also enjoyed riding the ponies very much.

Sadly we had to move back to UK so I can not continue riding at the club. I wish them all the best and I hope I can come back to see them all rise!

Thank you guys for amazing few months!


Bharat Mehra

I had done fair bit of riding some 22 years ago. Adagio gave me the chance to revivie my fondness for horses. Though rusty on the saddle I am thoroughly enjoying my riding along with my 6 year old daughter who has been introduced to ponies. Its great fun to be riding alongside her.



My experience at Adagio Riding Stables was wonderful! Not only is the riding environment beautiful, but I also found it to be the only riding place which held up to international standards. They are very professional and I feel like I am riding back in America.


Rachel Bowes

I had a great experience riding at Adagio stables. Caroline and Rudrika are both excellent instructors; patient, friendly and knowledgeable. The horses are great to ride and very well cared for, and the facilities are easily the best around. My daughter aged 6 also started riding there and absolutely loved it.


Natasha Grewal

I have been riding at Adagio Riding Stables under the expert guidance of Caroline and Rudrika. I joined because my daughter Serena enrolled and I found the place and the people to be very amicable. I am an amateur rider but I feel totally at ease amidst the experts at Adagio. The horses are great and are amazing to ride. I look forward to many more enriching riding experiences at Adagio.