A Pony Club

The Adagio concept was simple, yet revolutionary: to create a riding school –the first of its kind in India- where children can learn to ride horses of their own size. A child as young as 5 will find a pony of its own size to train on.

Adagio aims to develop a holistic approach to riding in children by showing them the joy not only of learning to ride, but of understanding and caring for the animals. Her ambition is mostly to have fun with the ponies and the kids, through various equestrian disciplines such as dressage, jumping, voltige and horseball.

Rudrika Singh, a high-profile National champion, aims to make her student riders as passionate about horses as she is, and train them to compete in various horse shows across the country in show jumping, dressage and endurance.

All of the above is accomplished under the implicit guidance and watchful eye of Colonel PP Singh with his vast experience of stable and animal management, various equestrian disciplines and training of instructors and students.